Invited talk by Thomas Gottron.

Title: Leveraging the Web of Data: Managing, Analysing and Making Use of Linked Open Data.

Abstract: The intensive growth of the Linked Open Data (LOD) Cloud has spawned a web of data where a multitude of data sources provides huge amounts of valuable information across different domains. Nowadays, when accessing and using Linked Data more and more often the challenging question is not so much whether there is relevant data available, but rather where it can be found, how it is structured and to make best use of it. I this lecture I will start with giving a brief introduction to the concepts underlying LOD. Then I will focus on three aspects of current research: (1) Managing Linked Data. Index structures play an important role for making use of the information in LOD cloud. I will give an overview of indexing approaches, present algorithms and discuss the ideas behind the index structures. (2) Analysing Linked Data. I will present methods for analysing various aspects of LOD. From an information theoretic analysis for measuring structural redundancy, over formal concept analysis for identifying alternative declarative descriptions to a dynamics analysis for capturing the evolution of Linked Data sources. (3) Making Use of Linked Data. Finally I will give a brief overview and outlook on where the presented techniques and approaches are of practical relevance in applications.

Bio: Dr Thomas Gottron is PostDoc and senior researcher at the Institute for Web Science and Technologies (WeST) at the University of Koblenz-Landau. His research interests are in the area of Semantic Web, Information Retrieval and Web Science. His recent work had a strong focus on analysing, indexing and managing information from the Linked Open Data cloud. With the SchemEX indexing approach for Linked Data he won the prestigious Billion Triples track of the Semantic Web Challenge in 2011. A list of recent publications can be found at and you can follow him on

Date / Time: 
Friday, 18 July, 2014 - 09:30