Invited talk by Seza Doğruöz.

Title: Walking the Line between Humanities and Computational Sciences

Abstract: Digital Humanities is a developing field which answers research questions from Humanities by using computational methods of analyses. In my research, I combine linguistic theories with computational methods to predict patterns of language use in monolingual and multilingual environments. In addition to presenting the results of my recent research, I will also explore ways of increasing collaboration possibilities between Humanities and Computational Disciplines focusing on Big Data Analysis and Systems for Human-Computer Interaction.

Bio: Dr Seza Doğruöz has a Digital Humanities grant and is currently a research fellow at Netherlands Institute for Advanced Sciences (NIAS). She has worked earlier at the University of California Santa Barbara, Carnegie Mellon University in the USA. In her research, she answers research questions from the Humanities using computational methods of analyses. She is mainly interested in finding patterns in multilingual communication in online environments. She is also a member of EUCog.

Date / Time: 
Thursday, 10 July, 2014 - 09:30