Below is a list of items recommended by some of our Summer College alums. Watch out, though—you'll need a big suitcase to fit in everything on this list.

  • laptop (mandatory)
  • school supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, etc.)
  • back pack
  • cell phone or prepaid phone card and your address book
  • ATM card (This is the easiest way to get money)
  • €€€, we can't tell you how much to bring, but enough for laundry, breakfast, late-night take-out, to play pool or Ping-Pong, and to get a sweatshirt or Demokritos souvenir to take home
  • extra clothes hangers (the hotel might not provide enough for all you clothes)
  • cool clothes/enough shorts and T-shirts and water bottles because it can be warm a lot of the time
  • swimsuit, for cooling off at one of the many nearby beaches
  • comfy shoes, for running to class and hiking the beautiful Demokritos campus
  • one "business casual" outfit, for one of the Summer School special events and class presentations
  • sweater or sweatshirt
  • a laundry basket, laundry soap
  • shampoo, soap, shower shoes, tissues, and other personal supplies
  • your favorite pillow (the hotel provides pillows, but is comfartable enough for you?) and favorite comforter
  • earplugs
  • radio, MP3 player or iPod
  • loud alarm clock (consider bringing two if you're a real sleepyhead)
  • power strips
  • flashlight
  • bike (Demokritos has been voted a top place to ride bikes, especially if you love hills), a strong bike lock, and bike helmet
  • tennis racket and other athletic equipment
  • snack foods (you won't need too many, though, as there's a convenience store next to your hotel)
  • a camera—because every memory is precious

What not to bring

Don't bring everything you own. Definitely don't bring

  • a television or an air conditioner, because you won't be able to use them;
  • pets of any kind; or
  • an automobile, motorcycle, scooter, or motorbike - Public transportation can take you to most places.