Public transportation covers the entire city of Athens and most of the suburbs and is usually quite reliable; this is especially true for the metro lines.

Tickets: The main ticket which allows use of the OASA buses, tram, suburban rail and metro lines costs 1.40 euros and allows usage of multiple transportation means for a period of 90 minutes. Remember to validate your ticket at the first transport that you take, this could be at the ticket validator on the buses, or before entering the metro lines you also find validation machines. These tickets are not valid in some express lines such as those to/from the airport, where you need to pay a larger fare. There is also the possibility of purchasing a monthly card which costs 45 euros and will allow you to ride all the month of July; you can get this card in most metro stations.

Reduced Fair: Students at foreign universities who are not over 25 years of age are entitled to use reduced fair tickets, which are half price! You must have BOTH your «Student Card – University ID» AND your passport with you. There is also a monthly card at the reduced fair for 23 euros.

To get from you hotel to the nearest metro station, which is "Nomismatokopeion" Metro Station, you can take any of the buses on Mesogeion Ave (this is the large avenue which is very close to your hotel); just make sure you that you cross Mesogeion Ave because that is the correct direction for the Athens center. Furthermore, if you do not want to change transportation, from Mesogeion Ave you can take the A5 bus (only) whose terminal is right smack in the center of Athens in close proximity to Syntagma Square and a short (walking) distance from the historical center of Athens.

For further information about bus routes you can check their website:


An even better idea is to use google maps and ask for directions using public transportation (there is a bus sign right next to the car and pedestrian signs)