At the end of the school, the three best projects were selected.

  • The 1st prize was awared to the team of Francisco Jaview Rodriquez Lera, Raul Arrabales and Grigoris Chrysos. Their project developed an intelligent, self-organizing system, that manages itself- without human presence or intervention.
  • The 2nd prize was awarded to two teams:
    • The team of  Javier Victorio Gomez Gonzalez. In his project he developed a generic human-robot interaction framework for robotic navigation tasks.
    • The team of Konstantinos Iliopoulos and Georgios Drakopoulos. Their project  was focused on enriching Qualitative Trajectory Calculus in terms of Analysis, Reconstruction, and Extension to 3D 
  • The 3rd prize was awarded to the team of Theodosis Goudas and Christos Louizos. Their project was focused on the task of argument extraction from social media.